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OOB Suite's E-commerce Features

Explore all the features that the OOB Suite E-Commerce Tool offer.

If the client clicks on the ‘Visit cart’ button, it will take the client to their cart. In the cart, they will see the products listed they have added to their cart. 

OOB Suite E-commerce Product


List all your products within your OOB Digital E-Commerce Online Shop, for your customers to browse. Ensure you use high quality striking images that portrays your product and its authenticity.

OOB Suite E-commerce Category


List you various online products in categories to group similar products.  By categorizing the products it makes the journey simpler and more convenient for your customer to find what they are looking for.


After products and categories, you will be required to add the product attributes.  Attributes are the size, colour, etc.  of your products. Should a client not select an Attribute they will not be able to  add the product to the cart.


The cost of your product will be displayed once the customer selects a product.  The quantity of the specific product that is left as well as the quantity that has been sold will also be displayed.


Should you run a campaign with a discount coupon, your customer needs to select the  “Apply coupon” button and enter the coupon code. Then  click on the “Apply” button and the updated price will then be displayed. 

OOB Suite E-commerce Add To Cart

Add To Cart

Once your customer has selected a specific product from the online shop, and they click on  the Add to Cart button, the item will automatically be added to the cart.  Your customer will be able to view the cart at any time to see what their selected purchases are.


After selecting the Check Out button, payment options, such as “Pay with PayPal”, “Pay with Card”, “Pay on Delivery”, or “Pay manually”, will be displayed under the ‘Save and proceed checkout’ button.  Depending on the option you choose the method of how to pay  will be displayed.

OOB Suite E-commerce Invoice


An invoice will be generated for the purchase. Should your customer select to   ‘Pay on delivery or Pay manually into your bank account,  an invoice will be displayed  with payment status pending. Once payment has been effected and confirmed an updated invoice will be generated.

Payment Systems

Payment Options:

There are multiple payment options integrated within the  OOB Digital E-Commerce Feature.  Features such as Paypal, Stripe, Manual Bank Payments and Cash on delivery.  Plus, we have recently integrated an additional three payment gateways:

 RazorPay,Paystack, and Mollie.

Making payment options more convenient for your customers!


Manual Bank Payment
Cash On Delivery
More Coming Soon

Abandoned Cart Recovery

When your potential customers scroll through your E-Commerce shop they will select one or more products to purchase. Once selected they will add them to the cart  and finally Check Out to finalise the purchase.  However, at times customers may not complete the final step due to a distraction or the completed cart exceeding their budget.  What to do? OOB Digital has the answer, utilise the Abandoned Cart Recovery add on to boost your E-Commence sales. Find out more below.

Abandon Cart Recovery Reminders

Explore OOB Suite’s E-Commerce, Abandon Cart Recovery Tool It has the ability  to automatically send abandoned cart recovery reminders to your clients. Once your potential client explored the E-Commerce shop and  abandoned the cart, the tool will send a reminder to your  clients in order to remind them to purchase the products. It will then continue to the checkout page to complete their original purchase.  By utilising the abandoned cart recovery reminder  you are able to retain your customers, recover lost sales, thus boosting your revenues! 

Recover Lost Sales
Send Up To
3 Reminders
Facebook Messenger

Timing Your Abandon Cart Reminders

The Automatic Abandon Cart Messages can be sent  with  messenger, email, and SMS by using the contact details your messenger bot collected . You can send up to 3 different messages at 3 different times when you set up the time of  when you need the reminder to go out.  The reminder can be sent out between 1 to 23 hours and comprises of two messages. One  with the product details within messenger and the ‘Checkout now’ button.   To encourage your customer to complete the transaction you can offer them a discount coupon code. It can also send checkout messages after the clients have completed the checkout.

All you have to do to set it up is by  watching the Tutorial in our OOB Academy Feature and Voila, its now automated. No human interaction required.

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