Social Media Marketing

The Most Vital and Cost Effective Tool For Your Business!

Social Media Marketing is probably the most important, most cost effective and comprehensive  tool you will ever need to promote your business, in this digital age.  

With multiple platforms to explore, you can choose one or more of the  social media platforms available, most suited to your business!


10 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Marketing

As we have established already, Social Media Marketing is vital to any business with the objective  to grow and be profitable. Not only does it require strategy,  but also creativity.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use Social Media Marketing in your Marketing Strategy –

Multiple Platforms I For Brand recognition & Awareness I For Social Listening I To Build Customer Loyalty

To retarget customers I To Increase traffic to your web, blog etc I It’s  Affordable I To promote your products & services

To generate leads to make your business more profitable I For reporting & Analytics

Did you know that 97% of marketers use social media marketing, but approximately 53% of small businesses don’t use social media as part of their strategy? With the OOB Suite Social Media Marketing features and add-ons you can now take your business to the next level!  

Social Media Marketing With OOB Suites Social Poster Feature

Elevate your Social Media Marketing with the OOB Suites Social Poster Feature that includes Facebook Poster and the Combo Poster! 

With the Facebook Poster feature you need to create multiple campaigns. Once your campaigns are set up the feature can post multiple posts to Facebook.

However with the Combo Poster Feature, you can post multiple campaigns to multiple platforms simultaneously when you need them to be posted. For example:  Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Blog and so much more.  

The Facebook Poster feature supports multimedia posts that include Text Ads, Image or Link ads, CTA posts and carousel or video posts. 

The Combo Poster feature supports Text ads, Single image ads, video ads, link ads and more. 

With the Facebook Poster feature you can schedule campaigns when and where. even repeat posts as well as Bulk post  with the CSV Bulk Post Planner. Superman has nothing on you with all these Social Media Marketing additional features. 

CSV Bulk Post Planner

With the Bulk Post Planner feature on your OOB Suite App, you are able to create as many campaigns as you require, and upload them with one single CSV file to post on your multiple social media marketing platforms. 

Your CSV will contain the campaigns information, such as ; campaign name, campaign type,  content for text posts and content, and the source for and image and or  link post.

The benefits? Less manpower, less time spent on posting, reaching more potential customers and ultimately more time to concentrate on other more important sectors of your business.

Schedule Post

Social Media Marketing works for a business If you plan and schedule your posts according to the needs & requirements of your business. Therefore, the right post or posts at the right time.

There are many types of posts to consider like, text posts, single image posts, link posts, video posts, HTML posts etc. Each with a different target or purpose.   

In order to make multiple posts, multiple times on multiple platforms successful, you need a super human.   Wrong, you need OOB Suites ‘Social Poster’ that will post accurately every time when you use the Schedule Post add on. 

Social Media Marketing Post Types

Content is key…. We are sure you have heard this many times before. But YES, content is key, but it doesn’t help you have great content but its used on the wrong platform and for the wrong purpose. Hence, its important to identify your  objectives within your Social Media Marketing Strategy before choosing the type of post you are going to use. There are Text ads, Video ads, Single Image ads, Link ads and so much more to choose from. So make sure you know what your objectives are to choose the right one for your requirements!

Text Ads or Posts

Text Ads or posts are great to show your Company’s credibility and knowledge on your product or certain relevant topics.  Text Ads or posts can be boring as people don’t like to read…but its still a good way to drive traffic to your website and to build your brand. The OOB Suite Facebook Poster Feature supports Text Ads.

Image Ads or Posts

Humanise your brand and use ads or posts with lifestyle images. The more people in it, the merrier.  Strong visual content will hold the attention of your customers, exposing your brand, prompting engagement. The OOB Suite Facebook Poster Feature supports Image Ads.

Video Posts or Ads

Video Ads or Posts are a great way of exposing your brand, whether its how to guides, tutorials,  product demos, or just fun videos, Facebook algorithms favour videos. They drive traffic to your web and increase sales. The OOB Suite Facebook Poster Feature supports Video Ads.


Link Ads or Posts

Link Ads or posts are ads with images that directly link to your web page, so its perfect for driving traffic. Good content is key. The OOB Suite Facebook Poster Feature supports Link Ads.

Social Media Marketing Integrated Platforms For Posting

The OOB Suite Comboposter feature enables you to post various ad types on multiple Social Media Marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, and Self Hosted WordPress  and more.  Don’t wait, get access to the OOB Suite and all its features today.

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