SMS Marketing

Taking Traditional Marketing To A New Level!

SMS Marketing, a must for your company’s  marketing strategy! Although deemed “out of date” by some, SMS marketing is still one of the most vital tools in a company’s marketing strategy!


Why You Should Include Traditional SMS Marketing In Your Marketing Strategy!

Have you ever considered using traditional SMS’s in your modern, digital marketing?No? Well, there are multiple reasons to include traditional SMS Marketing into your current marketing strategy. Here are a few reason why…

Not only does this traditional marketing tool * increase your customer engagement, but it also *allows you to learn more about your customer and their behaviour, thus building a stronger database and increasing your CRM (customer relationship management).  In addition,  it is also *a direct  and instant method of communication, * it can be integrated with other channels and is sure to *increase a return on your investment.

Let our OOB Digital App integrate the SMS feature with your current marketing strategy and gateway. It’s easy,  affordable and has multiple features to ensure maximum interaction with your database. This feature serves as an enhancement to your current SMS portal. Explore the various features  and move your business to the next level. Ultimately making your business more profitable. Take action today and integrate your SMS Gateway.

OOB Digital SMS Marketing Features And Add-Ons

With the integration of SMS Marketing into the OOB Digital App, it has resulted in a more powerful marketing tool.  There are multiple features to capitalise on and incorporate in your Marketing Strategy using your existing SMS Gateway.

The first and foremost SMS Marketing features are that you are now able to send  automated replies to your customers or potential customers, who provided their phone numbers when the opted in with Messenger. In addition to that you are also able to send bulk SMS campaigns to your existing database as well as external lists.

Additional Key Features and Add-ons include: The creating of  email & SMS sequence campaigns, Editing of campaigns, Assigning sequence campaigns, Bulk assigning sequence campaigns, Postback clicks, Hourly campaigns or Daily campaigns, including full reporting of  all your campaigns.  Are you ready to integrate your existing SMS portal, and enjoy the multiple features and Add-Ons?

Collect Phone Numbers
Inside Facebook Messenger

With the SMS Marketing feature in your App, you can now create  SMS campaigns with the Customer Lists created from the telephone numbers collected within Facebook Messenger.

External Lists

The SMS Marketing feature within the App allows you to import external Customer lists as well.  This enables you to increase the reach of your campaigns, expand your database, resulting in a higher ROI.


The OOB Digital App allows you to segment your uploaded Database lists. Therefore, you are now able to target your  SMS Marketing campaigns to reach the right market with the right product.

Key SMS Marketing Gateways Integrated With Your OOB Digital APP!

Are you currently using a popular SMS Gateway? If your answer is Yes, then we can enhance your current Gateway with new features. If, your answer is No, then choose one of the popular SMS Gateways available to compete your SMS Marketing strategy. The OOB Digital App  has the ability to  integrate multiple popular SMS Gateways with the APP, thus enhancing features within your existing SMS  portal or gateway. Popular portals or gateways like Twillio, Plivo, Clickatell, Senysms, Nexmo, Route Mobile are some of the current gateways that can be integrated.  There are constant upgrades and Add-Ons created to enhance this feature and to add additional portals or gateways.

Once you have integrated your existing SMS gateway into the App, you will be able to enjoy all the multiple Add-Ons and Features available. Let’s assist in taking your business to the next level!


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