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OOB Suite introduces new break-through technology  for Instagram Comment Marketing. You can now automate replies  on your Instagram account and see all the comments holistically from your Instagram followers instantly with our application.

Instagram Marketing Auto Comment Reply

Instagram Account Auto-Reply

Traditionally Instagram was designed for Inspirational content. However, Instagram Marketing has become more popular as of late. So, in order for your Instagram Comment Marketing to be successful, one of the requirements are to ensure you  post high quality content. By posting  high quality & interesting content  it gives your followers the opportunity to comment and thus engage with your brand.

To retain your potential customers its therefore imperative to respond to any comment as soon as possible to retain their interest. 

We all know it takes time and resources to be able to respond to all comments in a timeous manor.  Don’t fret, with the OOB Suite Automated Comment Reply application you can now sit back and let the Auto Comment Bot do the work for you instantaneously.


Get Mentioned...Never lose out again!

News Flash! News Flash!

Enhance your Instagram Comment Marketing strategy when you are tagged or mentioned in a comment.

Amazing news, with the Instagram Auto Comment feature and  the new Add-On you will never again lose out  on a potential sale or the retention of a customer. 

The instance any one of your customers or followers  mentions you or tags you in any of their comments to friends, family or competitors, the add-on feature will be able to pick it up and respond immediately.

Delete or Hide Abusive or Unwanted Comments

Online reputation management is extremely important to any business, so its vital to keep track of negative or abusive comments across all your platforms.

With Instagram Comment Marketing its exactly the same. By utilising the  Add-On feature and including  key words you can  now hide or permanently delete the unwanted or offensive comments immediately.

This will ultimately assist in your online reputation being managed successfully.






Delete or Hide General Comments

With your Instagram Comment Marketing strategy implementation, you may at times encounter obstacles. Your competitors may be able to see the comments and replies on your posts in an attempt to source customers for their own business.

With the Add-On feature you are able to delete or hide any comment or reply that your competitors can use against you or to try and obtain your customers by sending them messages.

You can further conserve your IP, by deleting or hiding a comment pertaining directly to your product, for example pricing, secret ingredient and so on…

Disable or Enable Posts

The unique feature to enable or disable any post for comment can come in very handy. From the interface you are able to disable or enable comments for a specific post with one  single click. 

For example, if you post an image of a product you are selling and it may be sold out, you can enable the post instantly.

With comments on Instagram you can normally only see a few comments at a time. However from the feature interface you can now view all the comments of a post in a single window with a single click. Amazing right?

Keyword Based Reply

By selecting specific keywords you can set up automated responses to enhance your Instagram Comment Marketing.

When one of your followers or customers use a keyword in a comment, the automated response will be sent instantly.

Saving you manpower and time.

Manual Comment Post

With the Auto Comment feature you are able to leave a manual comment.

Other Great Instagram Features

Get Recent Post List

With the add on enhancer feature you are now able to get the most recent and updated post list from your Instagram account.

Post Analytics

With the Instagram Auto Comment feature you are able to see analysis on any post instantly from Engagement,Impressions, reached & saved posts.

Hashtag Search

You are now able to do a #Hashtag Search within the App to increase your post reach.

Instagram recently  introduced a new Hashtag search API in order to consider the POPI act. Some alterations had to be made for the protection of personal data, therefore affecting geocoding and limiting some features. 

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