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The majority of your Potential customers currently use Facebook to hold conversations, advertise products, upload images plus  so much more.  Ultimately Facebook is a modern tool to communicate globally. However, your potential customers may not want all their interests & business publicly displayed through the  normal Facebook channels. So what would be the next logical option? You guessed it,  Facebook Messenger Marketing.  Not only will it improve engagement with your customers, it will lead to increased open rates of your ads served directly to your customer in messenger.  It also has the potential to replace traditional Email marketing. 

Improved Engagement

By serving your product ads directly to Facebook Messenger you will improve your engagement with your customers.

Increased Open Rate

Be sure that your customers will open the product ad or message when you send them through Facebook Messenger.

Replacing Email Marketing

Replace traditional Email marketing with your new Facebook Messenger Marketing  and improve your return on investment!

One Time Notification (OTN)

With the One Time Notification feature, you are now able to send customers multiple promotional messages within a 24Hour period and multiple non promotional messages outside of the normal 24 Hour window period Facebook allows.

Send Outside Of The 24 Hour Window

Allow Promotional Messaging

Multiple OTN ID’s

Send Promotional Messages to Messenger Subscribers

Send multiple promotional messages or broadcast promo messages to old and new  subscribers. You can also sync subscribers,and  segment them as per your product and or business needs.

Sync Existing Subscribers

Send To Old And New Subscribers

Segmentation Of Subscribers

Segment Subscribers

Broadcast Promotional Messages

Sync Existing

Send To Old And New Subscribers


Promotional Messages

Collect Subscriber Information

Collect your subscribers information effortlessly to ensure you can target suitable  and relevant products to interested subscribers.

Don't Ever Miss A Message Again!

With OOB Suite Messenger marketing features and add-ons, you will never again miss a subscriber message.  Great news right? This means  messages will be instantly replied to you by the Messenger Bot, it will increase traffic and ultimately subscribers and sales.  Its a win, win all the way.

Reply Instantly

By setting up the Facebook Messenger Bot Feature, it will reply to all your messages instantly.

Get More Traffic

When potential customers realise they receive instant responses they will feel valued and traffic will increase.

Subscribers & Sales

With increased traffic comes more subscribers. And with more subscribers, increased sales, resulting in profitability.

Setup Your Messenger BOT To Reply 24 Hours A Day!

With OOB Suites’s Facebook Messenger Marketing Bot your life will be so much easier. You can set the Bot up to reply on your behalf 24 hours a day!  This feature has the ability to send multiple types of automated responses. You can send a simple text message, image, video,  carousel or even a GIF plus so much more! You can also set up Quick Reply Messages prompted by certain key words or information supplied.






Quick Reply

Generic Template


Create An Auto Reply Button With...

Get creative and give your potential customers what they want.  There are various Auto Reply buttons you can create with your Facebook Messenger Marketing Bot. Create different buttons that  can take your potential customers directly to a specific URL, your website, or call  you directly by the click of a button plus so much more. Explore the OOB Suite App to view all the options available.



Web view

Call Us


Set Up A Quick Reply With...

The OOB Suite Messenger Marketing App allows you to set up a Quick Reply so you can send an instant  reply using  a subscribers   email address or their phone number provided they supplied it, as well as Post Back manager, which will redirect them to a form or URL your bot  or a person in Messenger.


User Email

User Phone Number

Choose from Multiple Reply Sets For A Single Response

With your OOB Suite Messenger Marketing Bot you can set the replies to a customised time or to respond immediately.


Custom Delay

Typing On

Customise Your BOT Settings With...

The OOB Suite Messenger Marketing Feature enables you to set up your Bot with multiple applications. Prompt your customers with a Lets Get Started button, followed by a welcome message.  You can also set it up to respond “with Human” settings, mark the message as seen so you can keep track and so much more. See below how you can customize your Bot to suit your needs. 




Get Started

A customised Get Started Button will respond to your potential customer when they click on it.  A start to their journey with your business!


Welcome Message

Setting up a welcome message is the 1st actual engagement you will have with your potential customers.  It’s therefore important to make it impactful and include something about how the Bot works or a tagline.  You are only allowed a 160 character maximum, so make an impact.

Chat With Humans Settings

Set this template up so that there is an option to reply  when a potential customer wants to chat with a human agent.  

Mark As Seen Settings

You can create a setting “Mark As Seen” that can be selected if the reply or comment has been seen.

Unsubscribe Button Reply

The Unsubscribe Button will automatically enable to Bot to reply when a potential customer clicks the button.

Resubscribe Button Reply

The Re-subscribe button will allow the Bot  to reply when a potential customer clicks the button.

Facebook Messenger Marketing -Postback Manager

Postback Manager For

With your App you are able to set post back settings in Post Back Manager . By creating a Post back button, it will redirect the potential customer back to your URL or Page to complete the required information.


Easy Drag And Drop BOT Editor

Great News!

Previously if you needed to edit any of your bot reply settings, you were required to delete it, and set it up again from the start. With this add on you can now rearrange your Bot replies by dragging and dropping the replies and rearranging it that way.






Quick Replies

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