Facebook Comment Marketing

Optimize Your Business Facebook Comment Marketing in conjunction with your Comment Bot

Facebook Comment Marketing
The Ultimate Global Tool For Private Reply & Comments

OOB Suite’s Auto Comment Marketing tools allow you to automatically reply to any comment on your Facebook, and now Instagram posts.

By setting up your Facebook Comment Marketing for your business, you will automate responses,  so you don’t physically have to respond to each comment, ultimately saving you time. In turn this will allow you to  concentrate on growing and running your business more successfully.

There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, to ensure your customers stay interested in your personal conversations with them on the various social platforms.

Stay relevant and replace your auto comment text replies with interesting Images, exciting videos, short, fun GIF’S, content rich Carousels, or simply Generic Templates and so much more when setting up your auto comment responses.

Did you know? With Quick Reply, all your potential customer has to do is to select the quick reply button and their contact number, name & email address will be sent though automatically. Neat ,right? we think so too.

So, get cracking and let loose all those creative juices. Let’s  creative, innovate  and retain your most valuable asset; your customers!






Quick Reply

Generic Template


Turn Your Potential Customers Comments Into Messenger Leads With Your Facebook Comment Marketing

There are multiple ways you can set up your automated responses with OOB Suite.  Firstly, you can set up a generic Auto Comment Reply. In essence if a customer comments, it will reply automatically on the feed with the response you set up.

Secondly, you can use Auto Private reply, this reply will automatically be sent to your potential customers Messenger Inbox, keeping the response confidential.

Thirdly, you can use a specific keyword or multiple keywords. So, if your potential customer uses a particular word related to your products or services, an automated response will be sent to them.

Fourthly,  you can also save your Auto Reply Comments as a Template for future use.

Fifthly, you are able to Segment your Subscribers into various segments or categories.

Lastly, you are able to even set up auto reply comments to Dark Posts.

This is truly a unique tool to enhance your Facebook Marketing and building a relationship with your potential customers.

Facebook Comment Marketing - Auto Comment Reply

Auto Comment Reply

Facebook Comment Marketing - Auto Private Reply

Auto Private Reply

Facebook Comment Marketing - Keyword Based Reply

Keyword Based Reply

Facebook Comment Marketing - Save Reply Template

Save Reply Template

Facebook Comment Marketing - Segment Subscribers

Segment Subscribers

Facebook Comment Marketing - Dark Post Reply

Dark Post Reply

Choose How You Want To Set Up Your Facebook Comment Marketing Replies

As you may already know, potential customers constantly search for products and services through Facebook and other social media platforms.  Hence the opportunity now presents itself for you to grow your database. With Facebook Comment  Marketing you can now capitliise on the  potential market out there.

Not only can you choose interesting ways to set up your Auto Comment replies with visuals, auto replies  or templates to retain your potential customers attention, but you can also decide when and how you would like to send those comments and or replies.

You can choose to either , schedule your comments at a particular time, or you can choose to send responses periodically or randomly. 

Finally, the choices you select will ultimately result in increased engagement and in return result in a return on your investment.  Be creative and enjoy setting up the Auto Comment and reply feature for your business.

Schedule Facebook Comments

Schedule Comment

Schedule Periodic Comments On Facebook

Periodic Comment

Facebook Random Comment

Random Comment

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