Comparison Marketing

Use Comparison Marketing to Compare 2 or more competitor websites and make yours the number 1 site!

What is Comparison Marketing?

Comparison Marketing

Comparison marketing ,  is exactly what the title says; “Comparison Marketing”.  It is  an add-on to OOB Suite to allow you, the user and the business owner, to make comparisons between multiple competitor websites, in order to make informed business decisions. This feature enables you to observe your competitors marketing strategy. In addition, you are able to see how much content  your competitors share on their Facebook pages, plus the type of engagement they get on their posts and advertisements.

As you may know, you can search for places in Facebook through some filters and other tools. However,  when you search though the  OOB Suite add on  you will be exposed to an abundance of information to use to make informed decisions.

By searching longitude & latitude of a business, you can identify the area they are in plus gathering information on  all similar businesses in the area with one keyword.

Results of your search can assist in identifying possible new leads for your business, for example, business that require new web design, SEO and or content creation.

Number Of Shares

In Facebook there are a number of actions to perform in order to get your business out there.  Most visitors only click on the Like button or only leave a comment.  However, the sharing of a post increases the visibility of your messages, exposing it to more potential customers. So, the next time you are interested in an Advert or you post your own, encourage your visitors to share the post, not just to like the page or post.

Number Of Reactions

Everyone reading this article will at some or other point have selected the Like button on a friends post, or an ad that they are interested in. There are multiple advantages to react to a post or ad. Firstly, when a visitor clicks Like for example it indicates that they already have an interest in your business. Secondly, ” Facebook claims the average “Liker” has 2.4 times the amount of friends than that of a typical user and that he or she is also more interested in exploring content they discover on Facebook. Likers click on 5.3 times more links to external sites than the typical user”. Thirdly, Likes gives you more Insights and so much more.

Number Of Comments

There are pros and cons to Facebook Comments. Some of the positives  are that your  company’s Facebook Page can engage in conversations on third-party sites.  Comments can increase the potential for more positive engagements on other sites and in addition reduce spam comments.

Use Comparison Marketing to Plan Your Next Social Media Marketing Strategy

Compare, Like, Comment & share are the buzz words that you need to consider for your new social media marketing strategy.

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